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EDHEC Economics Research Centre: "Evaluation of public policy and State Reform"

Arnaud Chéron, Ph.D., Director of the Economics Research Centre, introduces the centre, the programmes, and its publications.

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An overview of the themes covered by the EDHEC Economics Research Centre…

EDHEC’s Economics Research Centre brings together ten researchers, whose collective aim is to conduct innovative and applied research providing EDHEC with recognised expertise, from both an academic standpoint, as well as from that of relevant research themes which are strategic to the French economy. Beyond the desire for the research to be based on proven academic criteria, via the production of scientific articles, the studies conducted within this centre also aim to inform the public debate on a number of economic and social issues – this is achieved though the publication of position papers. The centre’s main areas of expertise include, but are not restricted to, the four following themes:

Institutions and the performance of the labour market [More]
    → The role of institutions on the labour market as regards the evolution of wages and prices
    → The impact of employment policies (unemployment benefit, flexicurity, etc.) depending on age
    → The link between retirement age and the employment of seniors

Education and training throughout the life-cycle [More]
    → Private vs. Public school education: Selection, performance and funding
    → Funding higher education and measuring the returns
    → Analysing policies that support continuous professional development
Health and careers
    → The evolution and sustainability of health expenditure [More]   
    → Factors behind behavioural trends when it comes to health (prevention, the role of savings, etc.)
    → The link between health expenses and the labour market (risks, wages, mobility and retirement)

The property market [More]
    → Studies on the returns and localisation of property investments
    → Links between the property market and the labour market
    → The impact of regulation on the property market (social housing, rental controls, etc.)

In addition to these topics, the Economics Research Centre has also conducted research on the feminisation of the boards of directors and executive pay, the link between financial integration and government influence, amongst other topics.

The EDHEC Economics Research Centre in numbers…

10 permanent and affiliate researchers
Giuseppe Bertola, Professor
Arnaud Chéron, Professor – Director of the Economics Research Centre
Pierre Courtioux, Deputy Research Director
Stéphane Gregoir, Professor – Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
Vincent Lignon, Research Associate
Serge Macé, Professor
Tristan-Pierre Maury, Deputy Research Director
Frederic Palomino, Affiliate Professor
Florian Pelgrin, Professor
Alain Venditti, Affiliate Professor

Over the 2011-2013 period:
36 academic publications in CNRS-ranked journals – an equivalent of 107 stars   
20 position papers highlighting the practical implications of academic research and intended for dissemination to the wider public

Arnaud Chéron, Professor – Director of the Economics Research Centre
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