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Our Strategy: Research for Business

The EDHEC for Business Strategy affirms our commitment to the world of business – a commitment that is reflected in both our research and our academic programmes, and oversees their development. The school’s active research policy was thus reflected in the creation of research centres with the aim of developing quality academic research useful to businesses or to the economy as a whole. Today, six research centres have gained academic and professional visibility and additional multidisciplinary centres are currently under development. By relying on the expertise of these research centres, our programmes offer students knowledge of the issues debated in professional circles, providing them with a significant advantage early on in their careers.

Amongst these research centres, the most internationally prominent is EDHEC-Risk Institute. This centre – which has locations on the campuses of Nice, London and Singapore – is pioneering an original research programme in close conjunction with a number of international sponsors from the banking and insurance sectors. Its research focuses on asset management and the impact of the regulatory frameworks which apply to this industry. The other five research centres are LegalEdhec, which is one of the first centres to have studied the impact of law and of legal practitioners on business management and strategy; the Financial Accounting Analysis and Research Centre, which promotes research on the impact of new accounting standards and new regulatory frameworks for the management and valuation of companies; and, lastly, the Economics Research Centre, which focuses on issues of public policy and financial economics. Their activities and publications are available on this website. Multidisciplinary research initiatives are also under development. It is within this framework that the EDHEC Family Business Center operates – a centre that that promotes academic research relating to the structure of family businesses, their management and governance, thus allowing for the establishment and dissemination of good business practice. In 2016 EDHEC Infrastructure Institute (EDHECinfra) has been launched and is dedicated to reducing the knowledge gap that has been preventing the trillion-dollar infrastructure investment industry from becoming a major asset class for institutional investors.

By promoting openness and relevance, EDHEC Business School is able to offer a range of programmes that are rapidly adapting to the needs of businesses. Such a mindset is essential in maintaining a leading role in the diffusion of innovative knowledge and in developing expertise that caters to the needs of the business world. This approach goes beyond the usual approach which places various individual publication strategies at the heart of academic research.

The Research for Business strategy is a key component of the school’s identity. Due to its not-for-profit aim, its financial independence and the time devoted to conducting research, the Research and Development Department contributes, as do other entities within the school, to the group’s strategic objectives of growing our resources, aiming to have a visible impact on business, and forging close ties with business wherever they may be located. To this end, we have an active communication policy with regard to the results of our research – EDHEC position papers, EDHEC publication papers and EDHEC working papers are materials that you will find on this website. The EDHEC position papers present the stance of research centre members on a topical issue being debated. They are widely distributed to businesses, policymakers, national or European regulatory authorities, the media, etc.  Topics recently covered include the insight provided by EDHEC on how to reduce internet fraud, on the limitations and ineffectiveness of a tax on financial transactions, as well as on fairer methods of funding higher education.

This research policy has been in force since 2006. It has significantly contributed to the visibility of the school in the academic world and in industry. In 2010 and 2011, EDHEC was the European school whose research was most widely cited in the five largest international economic press publications – the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal (Europe and Asia), The Economist and Business Week (source: Factiva). According to L’Etudiant’s 2013 student rankings, the school is number one in France for research, taking into account all schools except those receiving support in the form of researchers and resources from the CNRS. These indicators are encouraging and further reinforce our convictions. We must carry on with our efforts.

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